Monday, March 21, 2016

Back in Japan (March 2016)...Dinner with High School Friends

Foie gras and black truffle donabe rice

(March 12)

It was a cold day like wintertime.

 photo IMG_7725_zpseholh5hw.jpg
So, hot tempura soba tasted especially a local soba house.

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Later in the afternoon, I visited Yusuke Nishimura at his exhibition in Roppongi. He is a very talented photographer and published a book, "The Folk". This book is full of stunning photography of Japanese folk culture. I had such a nice time talking with him and we also exchanged each other's books!

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In the evening, I got together with high school classmates. We've been friends for a long time! The dinner was at a private "member only" restaurant, that was booked by one of the friends who came.

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Dinner was really good.

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Donabe rice time! It was decadent seared foie gras over rice, then black truffle was shaved over it at the table. The aroma was incredible.

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The rice was carefully fluffed before service. The dish was really rich and delicious!

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I learned they made a special request for this special donabe rice dish for sweet! Dessert was really rich and creamy pudding.

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Amazing time with long-time friends. We chatted and laughed the whole them so much!

Happy donabe life.