Sunday, March 13, 2016

Back in Japan (March 2016)...Ippudo Ramen in the Air

My travel going back to Japan started with thunderstorm. There was a big thunderstorm in the morning in LA, so I was a little worried about my flight might have a delay. I was right. When I got to LAX, I found all the system went down at ANA check-in counter due to the lightning hit at the terminal. So, the check in was done manually one by one! When I finally finished checking in, I was given a hand-written boarding pass.

The flight departed with about 1.5 hours of delay. I was so glad it was not cancelled.

 photo IMG_7539_zpsf3opvvcb.jpg  photo IMG_7546_zpsxyr83lrb.jpg
I chose Japanese meal...with a lot of Champagne.

 photo IMG_7550_zps2taap3wv.jpg  photo IMG_7552_zpsb8lxwavo.jpg
Main course was mackerel. Dessert was by Patina.

 photo IMG_7568_zpsvg1rzfs6.jpg
They have Ippudo ramen in the snack menu between the meals. Miso ramen comes with butter for topping.

 photo IMG_7567_zpsle2bc3dk.jpg
Light meal before arrival was Saikyo-miso marinated fish.

I arrived safely in Narita, and got home to reunite with the family in Urawa.