Monday, November 4, 2013

Trip to Sicily (October 2013)…Visit to Girolamo Russo

Nerello Mascalese in fermentation

October 24 (Thurs)

Our last winery appoint in Etna was with Girolamo Russo.

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Girolamo has been passed away and the winery is now run by his son, Giuseppe.

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He first took us to their famous San Lorenzo vineyard. They own about 8 hectares of San Lorenzo. We walked through the vineyard and even across the railroad to get to their top vineyard site.

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They haven’t started harvesting the top site yet. So, there were a lot of really ripe grapes hanging there. 

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We went back to the cantina and saw crushing and pumping grapes which were harvested on the same day. The freshly pressed Nerello Mascalese was so sweet!

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We also tasted the following wines.
2012 Nerina (Carricante 70% + etc.)
2011 ‘a Rina (Nerello Mascalese from different crus)
2011 Feudo
2011 Feudo di Mezzo
2011 San Lorenzo

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After we went back to the hotel, we had elegant dinner at our hotel.

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Macheroncini with pumpkin and ground chicken was really fantastic.

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Wines were nice, too.
2011 I Vigneri, Carricante
2011 Fondo Filara, “Junculano Vivace”, Frappato Rosato
2010 Antichi Vinai, “Petra Lava”
Benati, Neblessi, Spumante Brut (Carricante 100%)