Friday, November 15, 2013

Trip to Berlin (October 2013)…Berlin-style cafe dinner

October 28 (Mon)

Later in the afternoon, I went to check out KaDeWe, which is a famous high-end department store in Berlin.

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I skipped fashion floors and went straight to the top floor to see what it's like. It's a huge cafeteria with the buffet station. Very impressing.

 photo IMG_3182_zps8f5248c5.jpg
Then, I went one floor down, which is a gourmet grocery with eateries. I've never seen this huge grocery floor before! Not in London, Paris, or even in Tokyo.

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Spices, bread, chocolate, dessert, cheese, vegetables, fish, meat, charcuterie, etc. etc., you name it and they have it. For cheese and charcuterie, they have huge, really huge selection which are divided into different countries of origin.

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Eateries and bars have different themes and looked so cool also.

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I probably spend a couple of hours just browsing around. I was so amazed by the selection and volume of all the items they had.

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For my final dinner in Berlin in this trip, I met Emi again and she took me to a really cute cafe restaurant called, Cafe Bilder Buch.

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As you walked through the front cafe area, there is a large cafe dining room in the back. There were various designs of tables and chairs plus furniture. The room had such a nice ambience. The menu was like a small news booklet and they offers different kinds of mostly simple dishes.

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We had a toast with Munich beer. But, they don't have any German wine, so I ordered Austrian Riesling and Zweigelt later. I had stewed pork filet in herb coconut sauce.

I enjoyed the cafe-style dinner in Berlin.