Thursday, November 14, 2013

Trip to Berlin (October 2013)…Curry-wurst at a markthalle

BIO Curry-wurst

October 28 (Mon)

I met another friend who lives in Berlin for lunch today.

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We met at Gneisenaustra Station of metro line. Just a short walk from there, there was a popular markthalle (indoor market).

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In this market, there are many gourmet vendors who focus on artisan and organic items. I just loved checking out each vendor and see all the mostly local products they sell. It smelled so good inside of the market, too.

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The food court was very interesting, too. We decided to eat at an organic cafe which she recommended.

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I got a plate of salad with feta cheese, curry-wurst, fries, and a glass of Riesling. It was a happy German moment, I had. The sausage was so nicely done, and I loved it very much.

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We left the marked and she took me to a bakery, which she says makes the best bread! They have a nice wood-fire oven right by the entrance.

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We took a coffee break there. I had a German style apple cake, and my friend had a pear cake. Both were really good! I also picked up a whole boule to take home.

I love Berlin's bakery and cafe scenes.