Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Back in Japan (November 2013)…Donabe Photoshoot in Iga…Final dinner (Day 3)

Oysters and shirako in donabe steamer, "Mushi Nabe"

November 7 (Thurs)

On the final evening in Iga in this trip, Nagatani family hosted a very Iga-style "omotenashi" (Japanese hospitality) dinner for us.

 photo IMG_0401_zpsedac56f2.jpg  photo IMG_0160_zps82d2618e.jpg  photo IMG_0161_zpsc6bd2383.jpg  photo IMG_0159_zps06a96358.jpg
Appetizers included donabe-smoked seafood and pork.

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Lots of fun.

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Donabe truly unites people. It's all about communal experience. The donabe steamed dish was very seasonal oysters and "shirako"(cod sperm). Rich and creamy!

 photo IMG_0438_zpsd98d015e.jpg  photo IMG_0184_zps2442af96.jpg  photo IMG_0189_zps6a8ebb36.jpg
Donabe rice was local matsutake mushrooms, the donabe soup was crab miso soup.

 photo IMG_0198_zps34a521bc.jpg  photo IMG_0201_zpsbe7b0be8.jpg
In the end, Eric became the chairman, and the chairman became Eric!

Super happy donabe life.