Sunday, November 10, 2013

Trip to Berlin (October 2013)…First day in Berlin

October 26 (Sat)

The flight arrived in Berlin a little after 12. From Berlin Tegal Airport to central Berlin was less than half hour.

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I checked in at a hotel near Potsdamer Platz. The hotel is a historic architecture, “Siemenshaus”, which is turned into a stylish hotel.

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Although it was already near the end of October, it was warm and pleasant in Berlin. I took a walk around the hotel and didn’t even need a jacket.

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There was a big appear-to-be protest march by Turkish people in the city.

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I enjoyed walking around the central part of Berlin. I saw Potsdamer Platz and Brandenburg Gate.

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In the evening, I met a friend of mine for dinner. She is from Japan and has been living in Berlin for 4 years. She took me to a local Greek restaurant and pub. It was just a little after 7 pm, but the place was already packed. She said the place is really popular among locals. We waited for a little bit and got a table outside.

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The food was really good. I had mixed grill plate for my main course. With German beer, I could totally enjoy the first night in Berlin!