Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trip to NYC (December 2010)...Lunch at Manzo at Eataly

It was already my last day and I was going back to LA in the afternoon. It was another sunny day in NYC and it felt even warm (36F) when I left apartment.

Since I had a couple of hours before taking a taxi to JFK Airport, I went back to Eataly for lunch. When I got there around 12.30pm, the entire market was extremely packed! People were there for lunch, holiday shopping, just shopping, or just checking out the shops there. Both of their casual and standing food court area was almost “beyond control” packed, and all the other sit-down restaurants were over 1 hour wait.

Because I didn’t have much time, I was worried that maybe I had to just take out some food and leave. But, with my luck, their fine dining, Manzo, had one seat open at the bar, so the hostess let me in without a wait. It’s good to be solo at a situation like this!

Photobucket Photobucket
I had only 30 minutes, so although I wanted to order everything from the menu (!), I had to skip antipasti (carpaccio looked so good…) and just ordered a pasta dish and a glass of wine. The wine 2009 Cantina Clavesana, Dolcetto di Dogliani "Ill Clou"…lovely spice and cherry aroma with the smooth palate. The pasta dish was Maltagliati with spicy tomato sauce and fresh ricotta. Impeccable preparation! The homemade “broken” pasta was just al dente and soaked the sauce very nicely. The lightly spicy sauce and the velvety ricotta made a great combination.

I was truly satisfied! Then I did the last-minute shopping at Eataly before taking off.

It was a nice ending of the New York trip.