Saturday, December 4, 2010

Detox homemade tofu etc.

The pig dinner at Mozza was really amazing, and I was so happy that I did it.
Everything was so delicious and I just couldn't stop eating. After the dinner, it felt like I had eaten more than enough meat I need for the next few months.

So the following week, I only had cravings for vegetables and what I cooked was mostly shojin-style (Buddhist vegan) meals.

Here's my homemade tofu. I make my own tofu often, because the freshly made tofu is simply the best thing. With the homemade tofu kit, I can make the premium quality authentic tofu very easy. I served it with some sprinkles of plum salt, minced scallion (so, it's not strictly "shojin"), and a drizzle of sesame oil. My regular style and it's always great.

With the "okara" (soy pulp - the leftover after making the soymilk for tofu), I made a salad by mixing it with red quinoa and vegetables. I always feel having "okara" is a great bonus in tofu-making.

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Donabe brown rice, soybean stew, okara & red quinoa salad, and homemade tofu "hiyayakko"...what a delightful vegan meal.