Wednesday, December 1, 2010

toiro news: New Iga-yaki products are in!

Our donabe and Iga-yaki collection has a very exciting lineup for the holiday season, including the following new products! To view all the lineup and more information, please check out toiro's website.

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Large-size (5 rice-cup) Kamado-san is finally available! Big brother to our very popular medium-size double-lid donabe rice cooker, "Kamado-san". The pot is deeper than the medium-size (3 rice-cup) Kamado-san, and cooks the amazing quality rice. Many people say Kamado-san makes the best rice they've ever tasted.

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Our first induction-compatible pot is here. This is a multi-function nabe, "Yorozuya-san", it's safe on gas, electric, and induction stove tops. You can use it as a regular pot (for saute, stew, hot pot, etc.) or as a steamer with the enclosed steam grate, or even deep-fry with the enclosed hood! If you cook on a induction stove top, it's so easy to control the fry temperature. You can also cook with less amount of oil than normally required for deep-frying.

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Iga-yaki Sake dobin (clay kettle) and tokkuri (sake flask) set, "Ikkanjin" is an essential set for serious sake-lovers. You can make the warm/ hot sake in the most effective and authentic Japanese manner. Simply heat water in the kettle, then insert a flask (with the sake inside) in the kettle to warm the sake inside.

My husband, Jason, has been crazy about Ikkanjin set, and he has already become an expert sake warmer. It's also fun to try a same sake at different temperatures...sake is such a sensitive drink that the flavor changes at every temperature stage. Authentic Iga-yaki sake cup ("Guinomi") "Irabo" is also available. Each cup has the "Iga-mono" mark carved near the bottom side.

Happy donabe life.