Friday, December 17, 2010

Dinner at Sebo in San Francisco

Yes, I'm traveling again.
Just a couple of days after I returned from New York, I left LA again for San Francisco. The main purpose of the trip was to visit my dear friend who lives in Oakland with her partner and their 10-month-old baby. They live on the top floor of a beautiful (historic building) apartment overlooking the lake.

For dinner, we drove to San Francisco to check out Sebo on Hayes St. It's a sushi restaurant in a very stylish (almost like a lounge) setting. They put such heavy focus on serving the freshest quality fish every night, so they only serve highest quality fish which came (mostly from markets in Japan) in the morning of the service.

During the week, they serve mostly only sushi, then they have izakaya (Japanese pub-style) dishes only Sunday nights. I was ready to try a lot of sushi, but I didn't expect their week-day menu is almost only sushi. They are quite hard-core that way. Besides nigiri, maki, and sashimi, the only small dishes they had were miso soup, sunomono, and a few other cold dishes. So, we just dived into all the fresh fish treat.

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We had a couple of Sashimi plates..madai (snapper), shiro-ebi, katsuo, and shima-aji...all from Japan. Sushi...the same fish as above, plus sanma, kohada, hotate, tsubu-gai, tori-gai, unagi, etc. We also had maki-mono (cut rolls).

They were all superb! It was so great that we could taste such high level of sushi in this town. I could totally understand how they focus so much on using only freshest available seafood for their sushi. They didn't even have maguro (tuna) because it wasn't delivered from Japan in the morning.

The sake selection was kind of short but a nice lineup.

It was a nice meal, although it might be costly. I would like to check out their izakaya Sunday next time.