Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Donabe from Iga, Japan - Now Available!

Yes, finally! New donabe (Japanese clay pot) products are available on toiro's website (http://www.toirokitchen.com/)!
Besides our best seller donabe rice cooker, Kamado-san, three other items are available on our website. So please check out the website. (Donabe steamer is currently scheduled to be available this summer.)

My husband just made the donabe shelves at home. They are not finished yet, but I wanted to post the picture now, because the donabes look so pretty on these shelves.

These donabes are all made by Nagatani-en from Iga, Japan. These artisan donabes are authentic Iga-yaki (Iga-style) pots. To be classified as Iga-yaki, the soil has to be from Iga, too. So, these are the true "terroir" oriented products. The soil of Iga is very special. Iga region used to be the bed of Lake Biwa in the prehistoric time, therefore the soil consists of carbonated microorganism. Because of this special type of soil, the clay from Iga is naturally porous, which benefits the pot to built the heat fully before penetrating it to the ingredients. Also, the glaze of the pot generate the far-infrared radiation (FIR), so that each ingredient in the pot cooks evenly.

You can find more info on toiro's website.
Happy donabe life!