Sunday, November 1, 2015

Trip to Italy (Marche - October 2015)...Moroder

I took a little walk in the morning.

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Then, I had a nice breakfast.

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We drove to Montacuto near Ancona. We visited Moroder to meet their winemaker, Julio. They are known for DOCG Conero wines, made from Montepulciano.

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They grow grapes organically in a hillside near Adriatic Sea. Their vineyard is part of Conero State Park.

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Their bottling line. Quite modern compared to what we have been seeing at other wineries.

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We tasted the following wines...
2014 Rosa di Moroder (IGT Marche Rosato. Montepulciano/ Sangiovese)
2012 Rosso Conero (DOC)
2011 Conero Riserva (DOCG)