Saturday, November 21, 2015

DONABE Cookbook Event at TGS...More photos!

Now, I have more photos from the DONABE Cookbook publishing event at Tortoise General Store on November 7. All of these photos are taken by my friend and photographer, Antonis Ricos. Thank you so much, Antonis-san!

 photo thumb__AR77049_1024_zps9tuslbyo.jpg  photo thumb__AR76990_1024_zpshjw7ga8o.jpg  photo thumb__AR77038_1024_zpsfhwvdjbv.jpg  photo thumb__AR77010_1024_zpsbiqfoxih.jpg  photo thumb__AR77003_1024_zpsza0pkd9y.jpg  photo thumb__AR77022_1024_zpsxgkcslc5.jpg  photo thumb__AR77137_1024_zpsz3qjqrfl.jpg  photo thumb__AR77190_1024_zpszsuog7sk.jpg  photo thumb__AR77330_1024_zpsj3fwcncj.jpg  photo thumb__AR77457_1024_zpsdrtvtnsz.jpg  photo thumb__AR77602_1024_zpskcsatobn.jpg  photo thumb__AR77671_1024_zpsdug6wr9t.jpg  photo thumb__AR77350_1024_zpsvvan7cu6.jpg  photo thumb__AR77446_1024_zpsebfu80cr.jpg  photo thumb__AR77590_1024_zpsghcfkxaz.jpg photo thumb__AR77585_1024_zpsutjaigjb.jpg
What a great time I had with so many people!
I'm so grateful to everybody who came to support and celebrate with me.

Happy donabe life.