Tuesday, November 10, 2015

DONABE Cookbook Release Week...Book launch dinner event at Bar Tartine

November 2, 2015

We had our first book dinner event for DONABE: Classic and Modern Japanese Clay Pot Cooking at Bar Tartine in San Francisco. The first seating started at 5.30 pm. The menu included Bar Tartine's original and also some of the dishes from the book.

 photo IMG_4740_zpsypuo2y6t.jpg
Cortney in action.

 photo IMG_4747_zps7mjwi0ig.jpg  photo IMG_4750_zps6bwa73d2.jpg  photo IMG_4751_zps3j981jgt.jpg
Some of the first courses.

 photo IMG_4775_zpsr6wbidgp.jpg  photo IMG_4796_zpsx3ykw1jn.jpg

 photo IMG_4762_zpsjoizjlmt.jpg  photo IMG_4822_zpsquehgoq4.jpg
So many people came to enjoy the special dinner and celebrate with us.

 photo IMG_4829_zpsu62orezz.jpg  photo IMG_4841_zpsalvoxtmi.jpg
Course after course of delicious dishes.

 photo IMG_4778_zps4qgzlnvs.jpg  photo IMG_4781_zpsl6gbyu8s.jpg  photo IMG_4786_zps2cillrj2.jpg
Here's how my recipes of scallop & daikon rice and kabu miso soup were served. They did a great job.

 photo IMG_4794_zps7lkw0y5l.jpg  photo IMG_4834_zpsqqpzjtv1.jpg  photo IMG_4793_zpsfb8fmelg.jpg
Everything  was fantastic.

 photo IMG_4817_zpsvvqwjb1e.jpg  photo IMG_4848_zps8ymkih4j.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_4960_1024_zpss7z8nkid.jpg
My long time Japanese girlfriends also came to celebrate with me! (The 3rd photo was taken by Tamaka herself.)

 photo thumb_IMG_4961_1024_zpsftkksgxi.jpg  photo IMG_4860_zps2dj4agvo.jpg
Here's the entire menu and the chefs of Bar Tartine. They put together such an incredible dinner and I was so amazed by all the talent and teamwork they have. I am so thankful for their special omotenashi to us!! What a magical evening! I had a blast!!

Happy donabe life.