Sunday, November 1, 2015

Trip to Italy (Marche - October 2015)...Pizza night

We came back to our hotel in the evening.

 photo thumb_IMG_4091_1024_zpsjz4wb5nr.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_4095_1024_zpsqv3mokip.jpg
For dinner, we went to the other restaurant in the property. This is their casual trattoria. Started with home-fried potato chips and mayonnaise.

 photo thumb_IMG_4105_1024_zpsb3s4yohm.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_4110_1024_zpsypdvhusr.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_4106_1024_zpsfzew7x0k.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_4102_1024_zpsjsl3mh85.jpg
We focused on their pizza! Their pizzas are so good.

 photo thumb_IMG_4113_1024_zpskkhrj4at.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_4120_1024_zps2hjdafph.jpg
Salad and grilled lamb.

 photo thumb_IMG_4131_1024_zpsh6jydkkk.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_4127_1024_zpskovegsmv.jpg
Persimmon semifreddo.

 photo thumb_IMG_4125_1024_zpsbky3jtam.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_4116_1024_zpskntqfg7q.jpg
Outstanding wines and happy Naoko.