Monday, November 2, 2015

Trip to Italy (Marche - October 2015)...Fattoria Mancini

It was already our last full day in this wine trip.

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Our last winery was Fattoria Mancini in Pesaro. Mancini is a family winery which was established in 1861. Current owner/ winemaker, Luigi met us in their vineyard. The vineyards sits right above the cliffs by Adriatic Sea. The vines are on the very steep hillside. The view from the vineyard was spectacular.

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Luigi walked us all around different vineyards. His family has been growing original Pinot Noir clone  planted by French in around 1810. This is a very cool climate terroir and grows very elegant Pinot Noir. From Pinot Noir, besides red wine, he also makes Blanc de Pinot Noir.

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From the vineyard, we drove about 15 minutes to his cantina. For locals, they also sell inexpensive wines by weight. We saw a neighbor lady came in with an empty jug to be filled with white wine.

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His white wines are temperature-controlled in the barrel during aging, too.

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Tasting was very educational. These are the lineup...
2014 Roncaglia (DOC Colli Pesaresi Roncaglia. 75/25 Albanella/ Pinot Noir)
2013 Impero Blanc de Pinot Noir (DOC Colli Pesaresi Focara Pinot Noir)
2013 Sangiovese (DOC Colli Pesaresi)
2013 Focara Pinot Noir (DOC Colli Pesaresi Focara Pinot Noir)
2012 Focara Pinot Noir "Rive" (DOC Colli Pesaresi Focara Pinot Noir)
2013 BLU (IGT Marche Rosso. Ancellota 100%)

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After the tasting, we drove to Urbino, a historic walled city from 15th century. It's a world's heritage site.

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Raffaello was born here.