Monday, November 9, 2015

DONABE Cookbook Release Week...Prepping for the big night

A day before the book release special dinner event, we drove down from Sonoma to Bar Tartine in San Francisco to bring all the donabe vessels for the event and help prepping in the kitchen.

 photo IMG_4694_zpsswqdzca4.jpg
This is where all the magic was going to happen.

 photo IMG_4730_zpsrendu1dw.jpg
So many tagine-style donabe, "Fukkura-san" lined up!

 photo IMG_4709_zpsrdnnbtil.jpg  photo IMG_4712_zps1roqr2l2.jpg
Lots of prepping.

 photo IMG_4701_zpsi47oryhv.jpg  photo IMG_4713_zpsa8noeofl.jpg
I cooked a massive amount of hijack in a gigantic pot!

 photo IMG_4719_zpsbqfkvcan.jpg
We were done of prepping for the day and it was dinner serving time. Cortney & Nick, the owners/ chefs of Bar Tartine invited us to sit down for dinner. I was so excited to taste all of their creations.

 photo IMG_4723_zps0dze5pxg.jpg  photo IMG_4725_zps8cxlyxzc.jpg
I love how they do so many small dishes.

 photo IMG_4727_zpsqfpnbof2.jpg  photo IMG_4728_zpsbkyrjoaw.jpg
The dinner was absolutely fantastic.

 photo IMG_4733_zpswputn3u4.jpg  photo IMG_4732_zpsinpgkoes.jpg
The next day was the big day, so we got to the restaurant early in the afternoon and helped some more prepping. They were going to make my scallop and daikon rice recipe from the book, so I helped getting the rice ready and made a test version to show the team.

 photo IMG_4734_zpsukspxz8s.jpg  photo IMG_4737_zps2ylxamlw.jpg
We also did meetings with both the chefs and in-front-of-the-house staff separately. We were getting ready!