Monday, November 2, 2015

Trip to Italy (Rome - October 2015)...Omotenashi in the sky, Turkish style

Real fun and trip to Italy this year was already coming to an end. I spent a night back in Roma, then took Turkish Airline to return to LA. From Rome, I flew to Istanbul, then from Istanbul, it was a direct flight all the way to LA.

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I chose this rout going back to LA, because I heard great things about this airline. And, I was right! The lunch service has started. I had a glass of Gosset Champagne for aperitif and there was a medley of finger foods.

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They have a chef on board. Appetizer was a wide array of Turkish meze (mini courses) to choose from. Everything looked so good that I ended up selecting so many of them.

 photo thumb_IMG_4457_1024_zpswknhnmkm.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_4468_1024_zpscvbf01wr.jpg
After the meze was lentil soup, then for the main course, I had a grilled salmon with sunchoke plate.

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The dessert was fun, too.

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Tea was served out of Japanese iron kettle.

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Before landing, I had traditional Turkish stuffed eggplant with lamb. So good.

Next time, I want to actually spend time in Istanbul!