Monday, July 30, 2012

Back in Japan (July 2012)...Trip to Hakone Day 3

I woke up early in the morning, because I was already hungry.

My appetite feels like getting bigger and bigger as I become older.

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For breakfast, we got the table in the wine room.  Walls of all the sides are filled with wine bottles in this room and it was such a nice feeling to be physically surrounded by nice wines in the morning.  I only wanted to drink them all.  I had another shiny & colorful vegetable dishes again.  Very nice.

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We took another onset bath after breakfast, and checked out the hotel in the afternoon.  On our way back, we stopped by at a famous kamaboko (traditional fish cake) company, Suzuhiro, in Odawara.  They have a big kamaboko museum there and also a shop.  Their shop is really big and sell all different kinds of fish cakes as well as himono (semi-dried fish), marinated fish, and many different things.

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I enjoyed Hakone Beer on the tap with premium kamaboko sampler at their Kamaboko Bar.  We picked up many fish cakes to take home.
From Odawara, we made a detour and made another stop near Shonan city.  We wanted to visit grandma (my mom's mother) at a senior home there.  She turned 97 this year!  We gave a surprise visit and grandma was really happy to see us.  I was so glad she was doing well, even though she was much weaker than before.

After a couple of hours at the senior home, we hit the traffic all the way back home.  So, we had to squash our plan to do a fish cake and himono dinner party at home.  It was already getting late, so we stopped by at a family restaurant to take a quick supper break on the way.  I actually enjoyed my wa-fu hamburg ("Japanese-style hamburger patty with grated daikon, shiso and soy-based sauce).

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Next day, we got to try some of the fish cakes for dinner, with the shiny rice made with the double-lid donabe rice cooker, "Kamado-san".  Donabe rice was perfect with the fish dinner.

Happy donabe life.