Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tofu Chawanmushi (Tofu Custard) with the Donabe Steamer

Instead of preparing a regular home-made tofu as I often do, I decided to make Tofu Chawanmushi (tofu custard) tonight. This is a real no brainer dish with only two ingredients. And, it always tastes so delicious!!

All you need are the 1 quart (500 ml) of pure soy milk (no additives) and 2 eggs. I used the premium-quality soy milk from Meiji Tofu. In a bowl, I first whisked the eggs until smooth, then added the soy milk, a little amount at a time, as I continued to whisk.

The mixture was devided into 4 heat-resistant cups and placed on a great of the hot donabe steamer.

They were steamed over medium-low heat for about 30 minutes until the custard sets. Yes, this is my special Donabe Steamer. I'm sorry that it's been delayed, but this wonderful Donabe Steamer will be available on toiro's website soon (hopefully this fall). This donabe makes the best steaming dishes!!

After letting the custard cool down a touch, I enjoyed it with thinly shredded shiso leaves and sesame sauce. You can eat it straight (with no seasoning), or with your choice of sauce/condiments, such as wasabi & soy sauce, ponzu, etc. The Tofu Chawanmushi is also good hot, warm, or cold. So wonderful!