Friday, August 21, 2009

My Happy Donabe Moment

Regardless of the seasons, I use my donabe(s) all the time. Donabe cooking keeps my life so healthy and so happy!

I often use 2-3 different donabes in one meal. Different donabes fit different cooking purposes. I love just looking at my donabes lined up at our dining table.

There are three donabes and I made 4 dishes last night.

This is the only dish I didn't use a donabe to make. Pan-fried Shrimp and Pork Belly. I would've used the tagine for this, but I was already using it for the ratatouille. With the tagine, both the shrimp and pork would have had the better texture. Well, should I get myself another tagine-style donabe?

With the Double-lid donabe rice cooker, "Kamado-san", I made the brown rice. The texture was so fluffy and nice, as always.

With the Tagine-style donabe, "Fukkura-san", I made ratatouille. The dish turn out so juicy and flavorful without adding even a sprinkle of water!

Since I still had a lot of leftover ingredients of summer vegetables (kabocha, okra, and Japanese eggplants), so with the Soup & Stew donabe, "Miso-shiru Nabe", I made the summer vegetable curry stew. This donabe really cooks the ingredients so deeply. The vegetables melted in my mouth and I could taste it with my whole body!

I love donabe. Happy donabe life.