Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hiyashi Chuka with Black Sesame Sauce

When I make Hiyashi Chuka (Chinese-style cold noodle), I normally use Japanese brand "Hiyashi Chuka" noodles in a package. They come with the sauce, but just throw it away and make my own sauce.

This time, I made Hiyashi Chuka with the noodles I got from a Chinese store. I liked it, but I think my palate is too accustomed with the Japanese version. So, I think I will stick to Japanese brand noodles from next time on.

Black color in any food attracts me so much. I like squid ink. I love nori. And, I love black sesame.

I made the black sesame sauce for my Hiyashi Chuka this time. I cooked the pork belly slices with garlic, then added the Chinese chicken stock, soy sauce, sake, sugar, miso, black sesame paste, ground white sesame seeds, grated ginger, black vinegar etc.

The sauce was very good, but I want to perfection it, so I will tweak it next time and hopefully I will love it.

In any case, it was a good Hiyashi Chuka.