Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Curry Shoyu Yakitori Again (Santa Maria BBQ Grill)

We did it again and it was another big hit.

I marinated the chicken with the curry-soy sauce based sauce overnight, and made the skewers (yakitori). You can find the full recipe on my previous entry.

The savory aroma of the soy sauce cooked over the mesquite charcoal, combined with the exotic cumin seeds and curry character makes this dish so irresistible!

I also kept the marinade sauce in the shallow rectangular pan, so that I could dip the skewers in the sauce as I grill them.

We served the yakitori with the brown rice cooked with Kamado-san (double-lid rice cooker donabe). When I have the leftover chicken and brown rice, it's also great to make the Yakitori Don (yakitori rice bowl)!