Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fantastic night at Aburiya Toranoko

Here I was again...yes, back in Aburiya favorite Japanese restaurant in LA! This time, some of my close friends took me there for my birthday celebration dinner, and I had an amazing time with them!

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Here are only a few of all the dishes we ate that night. Their special menu is featuring a variety of new fall dishes now. I couldn't believe when I saw "Yaki-imo" in the menu, so I had to order it. Yaki-imo is slow-roasted satsuma yam and it's a very popular snack in Japan. There are even street vendors and shops which specialize in Yaki-imo. Toranoko's yaki-imo, which were served as foil-wrapped (3 good-size pieces) was so creamy, sweet, and the texture was like soft butter...amazing! Roasted pig feet was another new item. After the long roasting, most fat was gone and what was left was super collagen-rich jiggly meat. Really tasty. Mackerel "hako sushi" (box sushi) was wonderful, too. Oh, and of course, I had their delicious Uni-goma Tofu, which is one of my favorite dishes there.

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Special dinner with special friends. I was so happy.