Thursday, December 24, 2015

Trip to New York (December 2016)...Prep Day

Salmon Uni Rice in Kamado-san Donabe

It was Friday and we spent a long full day prepping in the kitchen for the special dinner events for Saturday and Sunday at the Chef's Club New York.

 photo IMG_5761_zpslmweefdk.jpg
Both Kyle and I worked non-stop, just prepping, prepping, and prepping with no break or sitting down for 15 hours. Oh yes, I did make a big batch of Chunky La-yu (recipe is in the DONABE Cookbook).

 photo IMG_5764_zpskf0sgl1b.jpg  photo IMG_5766_zpso39uitbb.jpg  photo IMG_5768_zpsftnpincl.jpg  photo IMG_5772_zpsfdmx5s6j.jpg
Then, rehearsed some of the donabe dishes together.

 photo IMG_5774_zps6m6dwwmp.jpg  photo IMG_5779_zpsetre7118.jpg
Donabe party!

Happy donabe life.