Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Trip to Hawaii (Oahu - November 2015)...Thanksgiving Day

Jason's 4-day weekend started we could spend the whole long weekend together!

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We were ready for brunch. I heard about a new Sichuan noodle restaurant in Alamoana, so we decided to check it out. It's called Fortune Noodle, and it's a popular chain in China and this is their first US location. As we walked in, the staff were making gyoza dumplings. Looked good.

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We started with black mushroom salad. It was a lightly spicy salad of wood ear mushrooms. Then, we also had red chili oil dumplings. Nice starters.

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Dan dan noodles was nicely spicy with the good amount of toppings and sauce.

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We had another noodle dish, which was hot chili rice noodle with beef. A simmering stew was served in a hot stone pot, and served with rice noodles on the side. Wow, it was so spicy! But, I still enjoyed the flavor.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed some shopping. It was drizzling outside, so we decided to just stay local.

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For dinner, we got together with Jason's co-wokers for BBQ dinner. We had a reservation at Shorebird Restaurant in Waikiki. When I heard about the dinner, I was like, Oh My God. I have been to the place multiple times since I was a teenager with both my family and friends. It's such a nostalgic place to me! And, it was the same for one of his co-wokers who made the reservation for us. His late father took his family there every time they vacationed in Hawaii for many years since he was a boy.

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So, we enjoyed our grill-your-own BBQ dinner. It was a lot of fun.

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Jason did all the grilling for us. He did a good job!

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Here's my plate...Surf & Turf, grilled lobster and steak.

Good food, good friends, and wonderful time. I was very thankful.