Friday, December 4, 2015

Trip to Hawaii (Oahu - November 2015)...Farmers Market and Vietnamese Crab Curry

It was a sunny Saturday.

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We headed to Saturday farmers' market at KCC. Jason has been coming here almost every Saturday to enjoy shopping and brunch. This is such a fun place to visit as you can enjoy all the locally produced items and food here. I needed to get new supplies of Hawaiian herb tea, macadamia nuts, etc. There are many tourists, so the place is packed every weekend.

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I like Otsuji Farm's kale smoothie. We also tried their ahi sliders (on top of kale leaf tempura) and trumpet mushroom tempura.

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The Pig & the Lady at farmers market always has a long line!

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We got Laotian grilled chicken banh mi with pho (au jus) French dip. So good.

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Hawaiian Sea asparagus salad to take to the beach. It's a super food, loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.

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And, of course, coconut juice.

After the market, we went to Jason's secret beach to hang out and snorkel. It was a lot of fun.

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For dinner, we went to Bac Nam restaurant on King Street. It's a popular Vietnamese restaurant. One of my friends recommended that we try their crab curry. So, we decided to go there. The restaurant was already packed at 7 pm.

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This is also a BYOB place, so I enjoyed my wine from Loire.

 photo IMG_5569_zpsl1vfc3mm.jpg
Vietnamese steamed dumplings with sweet & sour dipping sauce.

 photo IMG_5575_zpsnwapglwo.jpg
Shaken beef.

 photo IMG_5582_zpsrkpwgw17.jpg
Sautéed unchoi.

 photo IMG_5591_zpsrndtoc4n.jpg
And, their famous crab curry.

Everything was so good! Two of us ate everything. The curry was mild and tasty. I even felt like coming back here the next day.