Sunday, December 6, 2015

Trip to Hawaii (Oahu - November 2015)...Japanese Hawaiian

It was already Monday and my last full day in Hawaii in this trip. Jason left for work at 5 am...he said he drives about 45 minutes to a jungle to work on a project.

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So, I had a full day myself, no car, until he came back at night. I worked in the morning, then left for a little shopping in Alamoana. For lunch, I stopped by at MW Restaurant, because I felt like having their seafood. I had grilled miso butterfish with quinoa salad. It was tasty.

I did some shopping in the afternoon and worked again back in the hotel. Mellow day. Jason came back to the hotel a little before 8 pm. He was exhausted from long day of work. So, we walked to Jason's regular place, Sansei Restaurant, for Hawaiian style sushi. Because it's so close and also the food is good, he said he comes here a couple of days a week. So, it's really like his backyard spot.  I've been to Sansei in Kihei several years ago, and I remember I enjoyed it.

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We started with uni shooter, ocean salad, and agedashi tofu.

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Nigir sushi...local marlin, local snapper, hotate, hamachi, ahi, hokki-gai.

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So, those fusion sushi rolls are still big in Hawaii, and I do enjoy those creative sushi rolls when they are good:-) We had Takah Sushi Special Roll (shrimp, crab, ahi, avocado & cucumber, crusted with masago), and 69 Roll (don't know why the name...California roll, topped with broiled unagi, masago, and unagi sauce).

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Very nice and satisfying low-key night.