Saturday, December 5, 2015

Trip to Hawaii (Oahu - November 2015)...Tonkatsu and Burmese

It was already Sunday. Jason had to wake up very early for work the next day, so we decided to stay in our area and have a relaxing day.

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For lunch, we walked to Ginza Bairin in Waikiki. This is an only US location of a traditional tonkatsu restaurant in Ginza (Tokyo, Japan). Jason was missing my cooking after living in Hawaii for a few months, so he wanted to eat tonkatsu to feel like home. I had their pork tender tonkatsu.

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Jason had katsudon! Boom. Power lunch.

Then, we hung out in the beach most of the afternoon, including a power nap.

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For dinner, we went to Dagon on S. King Street. It's an only (?) Burmese restaurant in Oahu and popular among locals. The restaurant is BYOB, too.

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We started with their famous tea leaf salad. There were fermented tea leaves, lettuce, tomatoes, sesame, peanuts, dry peas, etc. etc. Our server squeezed a wedge of lime and tossed the whole salad. It was so good that I felt I wanted to eat it every day.

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For main courses, we had mahimahi Burmese curry, and chicken & kabocha stew with rice. Wow...both dishes were so full of flavor and really wonderful. They were not "hot" spicy. They had more subtle different flavors. I enjoyed them so much.

I definitely want to come back here to try other dishes.

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After dinner, we had to make an "accidental" stop at Leonard's. How could we resist?! I had a malasada puff with macadamia nut cream. Dangerous!