Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Leftover" Shots

The last few days before leaving on a vacation for a week, I was trying to finish all the perishable ingredients and leftovers in my kitchen. There was so much…

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With ankimo…salad with seaweed, etc. Pumpkin, persimmon, and hijiki salad in miso-sesame sauce. Pumpkin was steamed in donabe steam-roaster, “Tochinsai” in microwave. This donabe has been great in prepping vegetables also (instead of blanching/ boiling in water). Persimmon, mushrooms, and daikon in amazu dressing.

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Salmon carpaccio in shio-koji & olive oil dressing. Ankimo, steamed kabu (Japanese turnip), turnip leaves, and persimmon. (With leftover broth from simmered koya tofu dish and leftover carrot end cuts), simmered abura-age & enoki mushrooms.

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Steamed broccolini in karashi-flavored broth. More persimmon and kabocha. I still have so many more persimmons to finish…!