Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fig Dinner at Maude in Beverly Hills

Since some people asked me, I am going to resume postings about LA restaurants sometimes, too.

Last month, I had dinner at Maude with a friend. This is a small restaurant by a renowned chef, Cutris Stone, and getting a reservation is very tough here ever since the place opened a couple of years ago. This is a high-end restaurant, serving "new American" cuisine by featuring a single "theme" ingredient every month.

My friend scored counter seating for us (yay!). The theme of August was fig. I was really curious and excited to try multi courses all featuring fig as a key ingredient.

After an amuse of Hummus "Spanakopita", the show has begun.

 photo thumb_IMG_1206_1024_zpsazertdhz.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1207_1024_zpsjrteqqwf.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1209_1024_zpsyokczxbw.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1212_1024_zpsqww3p68o.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1213_1024_zpszow6b9k9.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1216_1024_zpseng2kgrf.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1217_1024_zpstjqwnyo8.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1218_1024_zpszo4vbgx9.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1220_1024_zpsnbtdzmbf.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1221_1024_zpsvwdocvod.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1222_1024_zpstsozysvo.jpg

Soup: Sweet corn and coconut
Salad: Buttermilk, cucumbers, herbs
Lamb: Tomato, tarragon, feta
Chicken Liver: Black pepper, sorrel
Ocean Trout and its Roe: "Caper," zucchini
Lasagna: Gorgonzola, caramelized onion
Ham: Sweet potato, garlic
Squab: Miso, eggplant
Pecorino Faglie di Noci: Strawberry, walnut, rosemary
Goat's Yogurt: Violet, honey

Very elegant and well executed. The flavors were wonderful. We ordered different wines by the glass and the wine service was very nice, too. I enjoyed the meal so much. This is a nice place to come for an elegant dinner in an intimate setting.