Monday, September 28, 2015

Back in Japan (September 2015)...Regular spots

These are some of the casual dishes from the places I go every time I'm back home.

 photo thumb_IMG_1656_1024_zpsx2synlz4.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1662_1024_zpsok3qarur.jpg
Good handmade soba joints are everywhere. At this place, they have a lot of small dishes, so I started with the first of the season ankimo (monkfish liver). Soba was cold soba with walnuts dipping sauce. I can live with soba every day.

 photo thumb_IMG_1867_1024_zpsmjv8mqaj.jpg
At a different place on another day, I had "yamakake soba" (grated mountain yam and raw quail egg over hot soba). Soothing.

 photo thumb_IMG_1708_1024_zpszcyi6wkf.jpg
Daily lunch set at this place always impresses me. Eight small seasonal dishes, served with miso soup and donabe rice.

 photo thumb_IMG_1843_1024_zpsv98zwgnm.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1852_1024_zps5ya1crj9.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1869_1024_zps6yiwpoh4.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1859_1024_zpsvruc6w7i.jpg
At this local sushi bar in Urawa, we always keep eating and drinking until we can't eat anymore. So fun.