Sunday, October 2, 2016

Trip to Portugal (Day 4)...Beautiful Estoril

(September 24)

It was already time to say goodby to Lisbon.

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We took a final walk of our neighborhood. Just a short walk from our apartment, there was a famous cable car.

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Then, we went back to Mercado da Ribeira for brunch. We stopped by at Manteigaria Silva there.

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The original shop started 126 years ago, and Manteigaria Silva has been a shop for high quality charcuterie, cheese, wine, and other gourmet items of Portugal. We picked up many different kinds of cheeses to bring back home.

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And, we couldn't resist figo presunto - large ripe figs were stuffed with super thinly sliced prosciutto. They were like savory candies! So good.

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In the afternoon, we left Lisbon and took a taxi to Estoril, where we were going to stay 3 nights. Estoril is about 30 minutes from Lisbon by car and is a beautiful beach town.

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We spotted some divers with fresh catch of octopus and fish!

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The reason we came to Estoril was because our friend, Leeanne had a "day-before-wedding" luncheon at an ocean-front villa there. We were so happy to see Leeanne...she was so beautiful. And, we were also happy to see the groom, Jakob, for the first time.

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The lunch party was really nice, and the seafood buffet was so tasty.

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In Estoril, we also booked an apartment by Airbnb. We got another beautiful place with the gorgeous ocean view!

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Sunset was gorgeous, too.

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For dinner, we checked out a traditional Portuguese restaurant in the neighborhood. It's called Paparoca Saloia, and it was recommended by Carlos, the owner of our apartment room. He said only locals know this place and this family-run restaurant serves home-style Portuguese dishes. He goes there a few times a week and their food makes him feel like home. That was exactly a kind of place I wanted to try!

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The old couple own the restaurant - husband works on the floor and the wife runs the kitchen with their daughter. Their little grandchildren were playing in the restaurant. So cute.

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The meat croquettes were so delicious!!

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Octopus with garlic and olive oil. The octopus was so tender and meaty. The smashed potatoes were perfect in the dish, too.

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We were curious about the rice dish the people in the next table were eating. So, we asked the owner about it and he kindly brought us a small plate of it for us to sample. How sweet! It was like a seafood risotto and the squid in the rice were just barely cooked and so delicious.

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Grilled pig cheeks (bochechas) were also super tasty. And, the hand-cut fried potato chips were also great.

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Wow, the dinner was amazing! The "master chef" wife came out and greeted us. She was so sweet. I wish I could learn Portuguese home cooking from her. Next time we come back to Estoril, we would love to visit here again.