Monday, October 3, 2016

Trip to Portugal (Day 5)...Grilled Sardines and Wedding Night

(September 25)

Good morning, Estoril.

 photo IMG_3543_zpsloytxh0g.jpg
Beautiful morning.

 photo IMG_3589_zpsiozea4ui.jpg  photo IMG_3548_zpsenv4e5dw.jpg
On the way to the beach, we found a bakery cafe in the neighborhood. As soon as we entered the shop, I was so fascinated with all the delicious looking Portuguese pastries.

 photo IMG_3551_zpsa7o2krhj.jpg  photo IMG_3646_zpsbxcipdsb.jpg
So, we picked up some snacks. Queques (Portuguese tea cake) and pastel de nata (custard tart). I was so surprised to find queues, because it looked exactly like an old school Japanese madeleine, except that this was so much bigger. And, it tasted just like the Japanese madeleine I remember from my childhood! It was one of my favorite desserts my mom made, and I also liked ones made by a popular brand, Kanda Seiyo-ken back then. So, I was feeling so nostalgic tasting this Portuguese tea cake. I also loved their pastel de nata.

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During the day, we enjoyed hanging out in the beach. Jason took a dip in the ocean.

 photo IMG_3558_zpsg8okz2ig.jpg
I want this poster!

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We had lunch at a beach restaurant. Simple seafood soup was so good.

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Then, the main courses...grilled sardines and cuttle fish with salad. Portuguese sardines were so great.

 photo IMG_3579_zpsekrwksyo.jpg  photo IMG_3582_zpsax5hpz3i.jpg
The cuttlefish was so huge! It contained ink and guts inside and served with chopped onion, garlic, and parsley. So good.

 photo IMG_3590_zpssvqpdqdk.jpg  photo IMG_3591_zpsv1ievfxw.jpg
Later in the afternoon, we headed to Sintra, about 15 minutes from Estoril by taxi. Leeanne and Jakob's wedding took place at a historic monastery in a beautiful resort.

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After the ceremony, there was a cocktail reception in the garden.

 photo IMG_3606_zpskxxaw3ff.jpg
With the bride and groom!

 photo IMG_3616_zpsfrsyxqm0.jpg
Dinner reception started inside. Happy toast.

 photo IMG_3617_zpsqsb19i64.jpg  photo IMG_3618_zpssxpnsrhi.jpg  photo IMG_3620_zpssw7pzrh7.jpg  photo IMG_3621_zpszpbxyzbz.jpg  photo IMG_3623_zpsocg0musa.jpg
Dinner was so good! It was the best wedding dinner I've had, seriously!

 photo IMG_3626_zpsal9wtk7a.jpg
We sat together with my former colleagues from the company's Europe offices. It was like a fun reunion party. There were German, Swiss, Czech, Swedish, Belgium, American (Jason) and Japanese (me) at one table...a little United Nations!

 photo IMG_3628_zpsqgdcru6o.jpg  photo IMG_3631_zpsyzj6f7ip.jpg  photo IMG_3652_zpso0urzbxa.jpg
Cake cut in the courtyard.

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More dessert and dancing in a different room. The party lasted until very late.

It was such a beautiful wedding and we were so honored to be part of this special celebration. Thank you so much and congratulations, Leeanne and Jakob. We love you!