Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Welcome BBQ Dinner at Single Thread Farm

Jumbo 10-rice-cup size Kamado-san donabe, standing by!

It was a beautiful sunny morning in San Francisco.

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We had brunch at Ferry Plaza. I had scrambled egg with white shrimp and red pepper sauce.

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In the afternoon, Kyle's assistant, Ayuchi came to pick us up and we headed to Sonoma. We were going to spend two nights there. Because Kyle's restaurant & hotel are still under construction, he arranged a different special place for us to stay. It was his friend's vacation house and super gorgeous with a private pool, both outdoor and indoor BBQ space, etc.

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In the evening, we were invited to a welcome dinner by Kyle, Katina, and the entire team of Single Thread at their farm!

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They spent full two days to prepare this dinner for us! Lots of donabe dishes, too.

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All local ingredients.

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Abalone, donabe ricotta, etc.

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Suckling pig was so juicy.

 photo IMG_2685_zpsrbzlzxye.jpg  photo IMG_2690_zps9fths21p.jpg  photo IMG_2719_zpsfhpjcqwk.jpg  photo IMG_2708_zps6uirjz5p.jpg  photo IMG_2711_zpsq9sdef4g.jpg  photo IMG_2713_zpswzgjeggm.jpg
Decadent donabe rice dish was made in 10 rice-cup size Kamado-san donabe (available upon special order from toiro kitchen site)!

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The best BBQ ever! Super happy donabe life.