Saturday, September 17, 2016

Californian Dim Sum & Donabe Dinner at State Bird Provisions

Stuart's donabe dish, served at the table

We had another exciting night.
The dinner on the second night in San Francisco was back at State Bird Provisions!

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Perfect start of the night with raw seafood dishes.

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Every time there was a new cart or tray full of unique dishes came to our table, we couldn't resist to to try almost every dish. They were all so outstanding.

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Then, Stuart brought a special donabe dish just for us! Isako took photos of me...I was becoming a donabe paparazzo.

 photo IMG_2561_zpsk1s4ox5c.jpg  photo IMG_2569_zpsvmabfx8h.jpg  photo IMG_2584_zpsiujjyrdc.jpg
Stew of seafood, house-cured bacon, California seaweed, yuba, etc. Such deep and complex flavor. It was so good.

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Dessert course by their talented pattisiere, Mikoko.

 photo IMG_2591_zps31wmi4ay.jpg
After the dinner, Stuart gave us a tour of the entire kitchen plus the next door, The Progress, which they opened last year. Last time I was there, this restaurant was still under construction, and now it's a beautiful place with a private dining room. Stuart said they do a lot of donabe dishes there!

Such a wonderful dinner...thank you so much, Stuart and the team!

Happy donabe life.