Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Full Flavor of Sonoma

Fun time at SHED

On the second day in Sonoma, we started our morning at Healdsburg farmers market with Kyle.

 photo IMG_2720_zpspxrv3vb7.jpg  photo IMG_2725_zpsfdkaclsd.jpg
So relaxing.

 photo IMG_2727_zpsttx4djhn.jpg  photo IMG_2728_zps8duy1a2i.jpg  photo IMG_2730_zpsamuxiore.jpg
Then, we visited SHED, one of my favorite shops in California, and they have been a big supporter of our donabe. They welcomed us with a special brunch in their private backyard.

 photo IMG_2734_zpsnmenuyqc.jpg  photo IMG_2737_zpsqnxgps1f.jpg  photo IMG_2741_zpscuprwmar.jpg  photo IMG_2743_zpsftl1t4ia.jpg
Brunch feast!

 photo IMG_2746_zpsp5yiglg8.jpg  photo IMG_2749_zpsno8sdsu3.jpg  photo IMG_2750_zpseamkzqzg.jpg  photo IMG_2753_zpsuhecufow.jpg  photo IMG_2755_zpstrhpampw.jpg  photo IMG_2758_zpsrgy0qmgl.jpg  photo IMG_2760_zpsjytyb6td.jpg
So beautiful and delicious. After the feast, I wanted to just take a nap!

 photo IMG_2763_zpsfd1pzclv.jpg  photo IMG_2764_zpshgcqocwx.jpg  photo IMG_2766_zps9qppeowr.jpg
But, we had more activities in the afternoon. We visited 32 Winds Winery. Such a beautiful winery. Sherry welcomed us and hosted a tasting.

 photo IMG_2768_zpsecx5ns5b.jpg  photo IMG_2772_zpspkg9phju.jpg  photo IMG_2773_zpsosrwbgwj.jpg  photo IMG_2917_zps8cogt1td.jpg
We enjoyed their wines so much.

 photo IMG_2920_zpsazodwdu3.jpg  photo IMG_2921_zps0eovgef6.jpg
Then, we visited Freeman Winery. It was great to see Akiko-san again. She gave us a tour of the winery. I love their elegant Pinot Noir very much.