Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Back in Japan (Summer 2016)...Kappo et Vin

(August 3)

It was a final day in this stay.
I spent time with Tomoko in Urawa.

 photo IMG_2142_zpswxvpjawg.jpg  photo IMG_2143_zpsinatpasi.jpg  photo IMG_2145_zpsxuz2lzxs.jpg
Lunch was unagi at a local unagi restaurant. So good!

 photo IMG_2162_zps2ge1st5l.jpg
For dinner, we went to a local restaurant called Kappo et Vin, Irisa. The place is run by Chef Irisa-san and his wife. It's a wine bar and kappo (Japanese-style) restaurant. His background as a chef was traditional Japanese cuisine, and he is also a wine connoisseur. Now he cooks his original dishes to serve with wine. How unique!

 photo IMG_2164_zpsrnqhiril.jpg  photo IMG_2165_zps1fzvbhsw.jpg  photo IMG_2167_zpsltvfjcfc.jpg
The dishes were all casual yet very detailed quality and delicious.

 photo IMG_2174_zpsbo6ufy7m.jpg  photo IMG_2178_zpsd2tgrsnn.jpg  photo IMG_2185_zpsyka7wes6.jpg
They are all small dishes to share.

 photo IMG_2187_zpsqeswqipj.jpg  photo IMG_2189_zpstt1ko0ne.jpg  photo IMG_2201_zpsdusqhfvs.jpg
So good!

 photo IMG_2182_zpsjjbhdmoj.jpg  photo IMG_2175_zpsjenlzenx.jpg  photo IMG_2200_zpsn3phawc8.jpg
Wataru enjoyed ginger ale, and Tomoko and I enjoyed different kinds of wines.

 photo IMG_2193_zpsj1mmvwtw.jpg  photo IMG_2196_zps5tm83soq.jpg
Chef and the wife joint us to taste wine.

So much fin.