Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Back from Japan to LA again.

(August 4)

It was a day to return to LA.

 photo IMG_2205_zps8pghollk.jpg
Tomoko and I had a quick soba lunch at a local place. I always enjoy their delicate handmade soba. Cold soba with toppings in a sauce was just perfect for the hot summer.

 photo IMG_2208_zpsay339gih.jpg  photo IMG_2209_zps0pg2jbx8.jpg  photo IMG_2211_zpsnic32agw.jpg  photo IMG_2212_zps7wa71ifg.jpg  photo IMG_2213_zpso62o5cbj.jpg
Flight meal. I flew ANA, but I didn't choose Japanese meal this time.

 photo IMG_2223_zpsecrmn0sd.jpg
Back in LA and regular unpacking ritual. I had to pack many ice packets to keep some items cold. They all arrived safely.

 photo IMG_2217_zpsuncp0ff6.jpg  photo IMG_2222_zpsbykz8vra.jpg
Fun to be back in the very American culture in LA. We were invited to a fried chicken and pie party at our friends house. It was so fun!