Monday, August 29, 2016

Back in Japan (Summer 2016)...Mikizo-san Dinner

Mikizo's Hassun

(August 2)

Back in Tokyo, Tomoko and I had dinner at Ichirin, by our friend, Mikizo Hashimoto. I always look forward to coming back here every time I am back in Japan.

 photo IMG_2067_zpsqxxxpyvr.jpg
It was great to see Mikizo-san again. I was so excited to taste his summer dishes.

 photo IMG_2068_zpsv1zjj5yu.jpg  photo IMG_2071_zpsaickfjo2.jpg  photo IMG_2074_zpsnkqryxjl.jpg
Tomato "surinagashi" (puree cold soup), Rishiri uni, dashi gelee with sudachi juice (to pour into the cup). Steamed abalone with its gut sauce.

 photo IMG_2078_zpsxexe46sx.jpg  photo IMG_2082_zpskzhozfpu.jpg
Dobin-mushi. First in the season matsutake mushrooms, hamo (pike conger), sea bream, gingko nuts, lily bulb, shiitake, mitsuba and togan (called winter melon - but the season is summer), in a dashi broth. Just wonderful.

 photo IMG_2087_zpshmap2auy.jpg  photo IMG_2085_zps1fvhr20n.jpg
Hamo and hasu imo (Indian taro) with vinegar-white miso sauce.

 photo IMG_2092_zpsf68jdqzo.jpg  photo IMG_2096_zpsqixb51nq.jpg
Awaji-shima Island tai (sea bream) sashimi.

 photo IMG_2107_zpsp5mc7yiq.jpg  photo IMG_2111_zpsbf0uxasi.jpg
Hassun. 15 different kinds of seasonal dishes in one course including eggplant (harvested by 3 am on the same day) bansho-ni, yamaimo-kan (jelly), camas fish pressed sushi, Ariake jelly fish, etc. etc. What a treat.

 photo IMG_2122_zpscfkh35vk.jpg  photo IMG_2125_zpsfspyolwd.jpg  photo IMG_2127_zpsdbjtj4e8.jpg
Unagi tofu, grilled guji sea bream, and steamed anago sushi with akadashi (red miso soup).

 photo IMG_2134_zps1f6dopl9.jpg  photo IMG_2136_zpsft7hcciu.jpg
Desserts. Peach and blueberry jelly and anko-stuffed warabi-mochi with sencha green tea.

 photo IMG_2102_zpsumstqrxw.jpg  photo IMG_2104_zpspkzqf6my.jpg  photo IMG_2112_zpsq6fbdlz6.jpg  photo IMG_2116_zpsjbpmtsov.jpg  photo IMG_2120_zpsbsnlzlph.jpg  photo IMG_2129_zpsvgaurkug.jpg  photo IMG_2132_zpsani2u1to.jpg
And, all the sake!

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He amazes me every time. Thank you so much, Mikizo-san!