Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back in Japan (Summer 2016)...Donabe Cooking Class in Kyoto

(July 30)

It was another brutally hot day in Kyoto. But, I had a pleasure hosting a donabe cooking class at a very cute "machi-ya" (Kyoto's historic townhouse)-turned-lifestyle shop, called sumao. I was invited to do this sold-out class and was very excited.

 photo IMG_1753_zpshwozoc9s.jpg  photo IMG_1754_zps8fsvroca.jpg
In a quiet residential area of Kyoto, you find a cute entrance.

 photo IMG_1776_zpswohyean9.jpg  photo IMG_1775_zpsxjcnqzcl.jpg  photo IMG_1780_zpsgyx6i9rl.jpg
Sumao is a tiny shop full of wonderful Japanese artisanal products.

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The class was done in the kitchen of Hamaya-san, who is the owner of sumao, and her family lives in the same building as the shop. Atsuko-san, one of the regular customers of the shop, helped me prepping and also during the class.

 photo IMG_1883_zpsvsh76hpr.jpg  photo IMG_1902_zps1533cvmh.jpg  photo IMG_1758_zpsucnf4pcv.jpg
Fun class with wonderful crowd.

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The participants were both from Kyoto's local areas and even from Osaka! I enjoyed meeting these wonderful people.

Happy donabe life.