Monday, August 22, 2016

Back in Japan (Summer 2016)...Obanzai Dinner in Kyoto

Obanzai Kappo in Kyoto

(July 29)

I left for Kyoto on a 4-day trip there. I was invited to host a donabe cooking class there. It was going to be my first time to do a class in Kyoto, so I was so excited.

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In shinkansen bullet train, I enjoyed sandwich, salad, and jumbo karaage (Japanese fried chicken) lunch.

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Kyoto was so hot and the heat was almost brutal, as I expected. For dinner, I had a reservation at a small obanzai (Kyoto's home-style dishes made mostly from local ingredients) restaurant near my hotel.

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It's a typical kappo (chef cooking over the counter) restaurant, and I got to sit right in front of the chef.

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The dinner was really amazing.

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I enjoyed all the flavors of Kyoto.