Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back in Japan (Summer 2016)...Donabe Cooking Classe at iga-mono Tokyo

(July 26)

I had a pleasure coming back to iga-mono shop in Ebisu, Tokyo, to host donabe cooking classes there. As soon as the reservation line opened a few weeks ago, the shop received more than 3 times of applicants as the class capacity, so we decided to add another class on the same day. The participants were determined by lottery.

 photo IMG_1455_zpsxtjxj5ye.jpg
Before the class, I had curry rice breakfast for stamina, so I could stay energetic throughout the two back-to-back classes!

The class's theme was my summer donabe dishes for casual entertainment.

 photo IMG_1487_zps3e9pvtzw.jpg  photo IMG_1531_zpstmqubueg.jpg  photo IMG_1495_zpsvzlkklkv.jpg
The first class began. Smoked cheese, made in donabe smoker, Ibushi Gin.

 photo IMG_1620_zps8cjr2u22.jpg  photo IMG_1529_zpsesnuypke.jpg
Zucchini noodles, made in tagine-style donabe, Fukkura-san.

 photo IMG_1532_zpsrxfxnmwu.jpg  photo IMG_1618_zpsfwixf7xt.jpg
Roasted tomato mabo tofu, made in classic-style donabe.

 photo IMG_1505_zpstan2zqkz.jpg  photo IMG_1485_zpsrgrppbhw.jpg  photo IMG_1481_zpsvwjveahv.jpg
Crab & asparagus rice was made in double-lid donabe rice cooker, Kamado-san.

 photo IMG_1533_zpsjcviluzw.jpg  photo IMG_1511_zps6sexuste.jpg  photo IMG_1513_zpsslx89ahw.jpg  photo IMG_1535_zpsoskhsiww.jpg
Dessert was steamed black sesame cake, made in donabe steamer, Mushi Nabe.

 photo IMG_1523_zpszwegysc0.jpg
I had such a fun time! My high school friends, Koroko, Ura, and Sado-yan also came to the class. It was like a mini high school reunion!

 photo IMG_1537_zpsetjcdqfu.jpg  photo IMG_1540_zpskl1lb0ii.jpg  photo IMG_1541_zpsbxprilea.jpg
After the two classes, Sannomiya-san, one of the iga-mono staff members, treated us to her special shaved ice with peach compote topping. She brought her own shaved ice machine! It was so good.

 photo IMG_1554_zps9fjp16ez.jpg
With team iga-mono. Great team. Thank you so much!

 photo IMG_1566_zps3lhsuzrn.jpg  photo IMG_1570_zpsnoe8hkm3.jpg  photo IMG_1571_zpsxre2izdb.jpg
In the evening, Isako and I went out and met Takahiro (Isako's brother in law) at a very cool restaurant in a residential area in Shinsen. We had aperitif time there first.

 photo IMG_1573_zpslaybjnob.jpg  photo IMG_1577_zpsbvdaaqne.jpg
The place was packed on a Friday night.

 photo IMG_1585_zpspjcsse68.jpg  photo IMG_1591_zpsgjyrs6dp.jpg  photo IMG_1595_zpsrqjxfb8h.jpg
Then, we took a taxi to Roppongi. Takahiro took us to this hidden restaurant open exclusive to the customers the restaurant already has relationship with and their guests. There are less than 20 seatings in this basement place. We enjoyed the chef's creative dishes over wine.

 photo IMG_1596_zpsv49rr7sn.jpg  photo IMG_1597_zpskmtbfjgp.jpg  photo IMG_1598_zpse6pzfauo.jpg
Many dishes.

 photo IMG_1600_zpsrqoo4gx3.jpg  photo IMG_1602_zpsxdgmm4ra.jpg  photo IMG_1603_zpsv76e1exs.jpg
And more, including mini donabe beef stew!

Happy donabe life.