Thursday, May 24, 2012

Handmade Market by Japanese creators in LA next week...Come try my Japanese bento!

Next week, I will be part of a special summer trunk show, hosted by nanamina boutique in Los Feliz.  It's made possible by a collaboration between talented Japanese designers/ creators in LA.

May 30th (Wed), May 31st (Thur) 10am - 3 pm
June 2nd (Sat)  1pm - 6pm

4430 Gainsborough Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027
(at nanamina's atelier, located in the backyard)

It's an open house.  Come stop by to see those beautifully crafted items.  Most items are available to purchase on the site.

At the trunk show, I will be serving healthy Japanese bento (lunch box) including donabe-cooked onigiri (rice balls), different side dishes and dessert!  It's $15/ box, and advance reservation is required. The onigiri flavor is scheduled to be Yuzu-kosho pesto (shown in the picture above).  Limited to 15 sets for each day.  For bento reservation, please contact

You can enjoy homemade bento in the beautiful backyard patio of nanamina!  Hope to see many people there.

Happy donabe life.