Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trip to NYC (Winter 2012)...DAY 6: Dinner at Kanoyama

Another busy day at the trade show today. We have only half more's been going so fast.

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Tonight, we had dinner at Kanoyama in East Village with our business friends/ partners. They treated us to an elegant and very authentic Japanese meal. The restaurant has a pretty quiet look from outside, but once you enter, it's a lively izakaya...nice vibe!

Then, we were guided to a back room a very nice sushi counter and tables. The space is more classy and chic. We had their omakase course.

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I loved the dinosaur egg-shape bowl! Inside was a sesame tofu. Very nice.

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Kabura-mushi, hamaguri soup, and sashimi plate.

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Baked gindara in a pouch.

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Sushi and were freshest seasonal kinds from both Japan and US.

And, lots of sake...they have a very nice sake list.

I enjoyed the dinner very much. Very high standard.