Friday, September 18, 2009

Steam-fry Pork and Bean Sprouts with "Fukkura-san" (Tagine-style Donabe)

Naoko's 10-minute cooking. This is my lazy easy cooking after a long brutal day of work. This tagine-style donabe, "Fukkura-san" is a savior when I don't have time or energy to cook.

I simply piled up the ingredients, in the order of the bean sprouts, (Kurobuta) pork belly slices, thinly sliced ginger and garlic, sliced abura-age (fried tofu pouch), and (our home-grown) cherry tomatoes. No oil or water is added.

Then, with the lid on, I simply put the "Fukkura-san" on the stove over medium+ heat, and cooked for 7-8 minutes and rested for 3 minutes.

Voila, it's ready! I made a quick sauce (1.5 T soy sauce, 1.5 T black vinegar, 1 tsp karashi mustard, 2 tsp sesame paste) and poured over the cooked ingredients. If you are really really lazy, you can just use a store-purchased sauce (such as ponzu or sesame sauce) and pour over it.

It was fantastic. The sauce and the natural juice from the ingredients blended well, so it tasted really great. I really enjoyed this healthy dish!

Thank you, "Fukkura-san".