Monday, September 14, 2009

Back To Japan (Fall 09) Day 10...From Narita to LAX

Time flies really, really fast. It was already the day to leave for Los Angeles. I will miss my family until we see each other next time!

Before the shuttle bus arrival, we had our last meal together at a local homemade udon place. I had a simple udon with abura-age and onsen tamago.

From Urawa, the shuttle bus ride was about 1.5 hours to Narita Airport. My flight was in the early evening and it departed on time.

First Class meal is definitely much better in the flight from Narita to LAX, than the other way. In this flight (United), I really enjoyed the meal!

Appetizers...Escargot Bourguignonne in brioche, and vermouth poached scallop and shiitake mushroom with pine nut, basil cream sauce.

Soup...Mediterranean vegetable soup.

Photobucket Photobucket
Then I skipped the salad and jumped to the "Washoku zen selection".
Appetizers of salmon sushi with fish eggs, roasted lime flavored beef with miso, quick-blanched tuna, broiled salmon, sansho-flavored sweet smelt, seaweed-flavored flounder and somen noodles topped with sweet egg.

Main course...Barbecued eel cabayaki, shrimp and scallop flavored with sake and seaweed, marinated broiled sea bass, steamed tofu and assorted vegetables served with steamed rice and Japanese pickled vegetables. I was so full after the main course, so I didn't go for either cheese course or dessert.
The wine list was kind of okay. I drank mostly 1998 Vranken, Champagne Cuvee Diamant, which was decent.

I slept quite well after the dinner!