Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back To Japan (Fall 09) Day 9...Breakfast in Hakone

Good morning from Hakone, Japan!

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The fog is gone and we had the beautiful weather this morning. The view from our hotel room was so gorgeous.

From our room, we can also see the big 大 (meaning, "big" or "great".) sign from Hakone's famous "Daimonji Yaki" ceremony. In this ceremony which is held in August, the ceremonial fire is lit in the letter, so this big glowing character appears in the dark night. I would love to stay here again when they have the festival next summer!

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We were already hungry for the breakfast. At 7.30am, the hotel restaurant was already quite busy. So many chefs were working in the open-kitchen.

At the hotel restaurant, you can choose Western or Japanese-style breakfast.

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I chose Japanese style set. The okayu (Japanese porridge) was so good! Grilled fish was fresh. Everything was so tasty. Waaaa...I love Hakone.

Gochisosama deshita!