Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back To Japan (Fall 09) Day 1...First Night Snack

My shuttle bus from Narita Airport arrived in Urawa in the evening. Mom, Tomoko (my sister), and Wataru (Tomoko's son) were waiting for me when I got off the bus. It was so great to see them again!

I was so exhausted from the long flight, but I was also a little hungry for a little snack. So we went to a neighbor Okonomi-yaki restaurant for a quick bite.

Shio-Yakisoba (salt-flavored fried noodles)...the noodles were thick and had the nice density.

Mix Okonomi-yaki (savory pancake with meat and seafood), and Gyu-suji Modan-yaki (pancake and noodles with the beef tendon)...big flavor!

Mmm...I was so ready to sleep after dinner.